Panama City, Panama – in 2.5 Hours


Do you have a 6 hour transit in a country with no visa (pre approved entry) requirement?  JACKPOT – Then let’s play the “Fill in that time and still get back in time for your flight” game.

City – Panama City, Panama,

  • Base Cost – $50-56 (the fixed rate to get from the airport to town and back is $28 each way). I previously posted that there may departure taxes not included in your airfare that you might have to pay but I was wrong.  It won’t cost you a thing to leave the airport.
  • Perks – Private Driver/Tour Guide  with a sweet air-conditioned ride, get an insider’s/local view of what’s important in the city

    • Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Get stuck in traffic and take pictures, then have fresh seafood at a local spot (langastinos, filleted fish with side salad and fried plantines)
  • Then head back to the airport.

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