Panamanians – What Do They Look Like?


Panama (the country for those you thinking about Florida) is truly a melting pot of cultures and peoples, which is evident from the moment you step off the plane into the airport in Panama City.  From the Chinese family returning from a trip away, to the Pakistani family waiting to receive loved ones, to the African-American couple there for a weekend get away, the many faces of Panama reflect all parts of the world.

Meet your friendly Copa Airline Hostesses

Meet a Creole Grandma on her doorstep

See a little girl and her best friend

Similar to the Rain Man, this guy is the ICE Maker! (without him the seafood would begin to smell really unappealing)

What’s with the red hair?  Watching too many old Wendy’s commercials?

The friendly force in black…keeping things safe and secure (Panama, like Costa Rica, has no standing army)

About The Black Gringa

In 2010, I left the world of finance to pursue entrepreneurial aspirations and I now own an educational services company. I also provide consulting and workshops to international schools seeking to improve their outcomes. To facilitate this work, I spend 2-3 months annually living in a different part of the world with my family. These travels provide the day-to-day insight required to speak knowledgeably about living in these destinations, with the goal of seeking to live abundantly and joyfully with home comforts at a fraction of the cost.

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