We are all concerned about extending what we have financially into the future.  If you are starting late or just looking for a higher rate of return, why not consider investing in Ecuador?  This post is inspired by a comment I saw on a blog asking about CD (certificate of deposit) rates in Ecuador.  The response was a bit vague, so I have decided to make it my mission to go into the banks here and get the real deal.

The pages under this heading will be updated periodically, as I get more information; however, it is all accurate as of the dates given.  Next to the posted rates, I am listing the current rates at Chase bank (in the USA) as of the same date (min. deposit is $1,000).  For those that do not understand the numbers, at the end of each bank entry I provide a line that shows what happens if you invest $5,000 over 10 years and $10,000 over 10 years based on the 366 day/1 year rates (assuming the given interest rates are constant).

All accounts are held in US dollars as this is the national currency of Ecuador. Also note, when going into a bank to discuss CDs, the department that handles this is called Inversiones (investments) and the word for interest rates is Tasas.

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  1. Hello,
    Having a hard time following. Where are the rates? Are they that much different from bank to bank within Ecuador? Are there”safer” more financially sound banks?
    Michael in Afghanistan

  2. Hello, sorry to disturb you (in Cuba?) but l wonder if l could just ask you, even if your response is a bit vague … where are the rates?
    Steve in Rome.

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