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And She’s Back


It’s hard to believe that 18 months have gone by since my last post….life intervened in interesting and circuitous ways.  But alas, I’m here, happy, healthy, and excited to start talking again.   I often say that time is  like holding water in your hand, no matter how hard you try, it continues to move on.

So where have I been and what have I been doing over that last almost two years….

  • Sojourn to Turkey
  • Romance in Quebec
  • Theatrical debut
  • Non-Profit Consulting
  • Webmaster for a nationally and internationally renowned non-profit
  • Child in Senegal, West Africa for months
  • Child in College in New York (hallelujah)
  • The birth of my first nephew….I’m such a proud aunty
  • Homeschool
  • Volunteering
  • New Business Ventures
  • Life and Love

Yes – I think that about sums it up.   I’ve spent the last few months busy and slightly distracted, but constantly saying to myself, “I have to get back to the blog”. Ever the procrastinator, I am finally sitting myself down to write.

So to pick up where I left off in 2012 – I had planned to leave for Cuba with my daughter, on  one-way tickets for 2 months, then possibly do Ecuador, Panama, or Costa Rica from there.  Housing in Cuba was set, as were private tutors in chess and Spanish for the little one.  Our Cuban friends/family were waiting for us, we had our gifts all packed. And we were ready.  I had closed my business earlier in the month, tied up all lose ends and made sure that I would have access to my money.   The last piece of the puzzle was to drive to my mom in Georgia, see my sisters in Virginia, then my daughter in New York, before we were off for the flight.

With this great plan in mind, I donated or sold all of our belongings, except those that would go to my sister which I put in storage, my apartment was leased to a new tenant and I impatiently waited for June 4, 2012 to arrive, when we’d catch that glorious flight from Toronto and start off on a new adventure.

God/fate/ life….just laugh in the face of the best laid plans.  As a parting activity, we went to spend a final day volunteering at an urban farm.  The director asked my daughter a simple question, “Will you be part of our summer program this year?” That led to a discussion regarding us permanently leaving the city and them begging me to stay to work with them and their founder as the organization transitioned through a period of growth.   Don’t ask me why….. I had 2 non-refundable one-way tickets from Canada to Cuba,  I would have no apartment within a week, I had no furnishings, no winter wear , and no reason to think delaying my plans would be a good idea……but I said yes, and I did.

Six months later…after having been an interim webmaster, trainer of best practices for USDA small farm harvesting and warehousing practices, IT guru and jack-of-all trades extraordinaire— I finally said good-bye, left the city and instead of Cuba went on a 3-week sabbatical to Turkey.

I came back after Turkey (which was amazing) and started a new phase of my life with the love of my life.  It turns out that cupid/fate/life and God had a plan for me all along and whatever made me delay the Cuba trip…it was the best decision I could have ever made.    Now I get to travel the world not just with the kids, but with my life partner….and he gets to have unexpected and pseudo exotic adventures with me.   We’re all pretty happy.

So now, while I continue to sing the praises of travel and living abroad, I am also about finding the treasures in your backyard, the joys that make life rich and delightful, and living life to the fullest…cause life is too short not to be happy and follow your dreams.

Welcome and I look forward to sharing the new adventures.

What College Admission Letters Mean to Me


You may be wondering if I am off again traveling to another random and exotic destination.  Well, I’m not.  Today is D-Day for high school seniors (and their parents) waiting for college acceptance decisions.   So needless to say, I’m a pretty high-strung individual, and at the moment I am significantly more anxious than my seventeen year old, as we wait for decisions from 4 of the 9 schools she applied to.  Yes….9!!

I will say that I am the proud mommy of a child who, thus far, has to choose between Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Tufts, George Washington and NYU.  Yeah!!!!  College admissions letters are like a vindication that most major parental decisions I have made were good ones (at least that is how I’m taking it).  This includes the decision to travel significantly during her elementary years and never spending more than 2 years at a single school until high school.

So for now I just want to share with the world that I am really proud of my eldest daughter (and my youngest…I only have two)!!

And now…back to our regular blogging.


This Could Not Happen in Cuba


I have to digress from my typical international chatter, to look in my own backyard and talk about what I see.  And what I see is the lifeless body of a  young man, face down in wet grass, with a bag of skittles and a cup of  ice tea in his hands.  What I see is his killer, free with no charges pressed against him.  What I see is a society so consumed by its own prejudices that each human life is not value weighted the same.   And what I see is a society that has become even more entrenched in its own misconceptions that we are all drowning.   This is what I see…but do they see me?

This morning Leonard Pitts, Jr. of The Baltimore Sun, wrote an exceptional piece on invisibility, that captures exactly how I feel right now (click here to read the full article).  My heart burns and breaks for this life taken, for a family’s loss, for the thousands (yes thousands) of lives that are impacted daily and negatively, by the same ignorance and sense of entitlement that led someone to so callously take what God had given… a human life.

I sit here and I cry for a boy I never knew, a family I will never meet.  My tears are for the daily injustices that so many of us live with right here in our own backyard.   This could not have happened in Cuba…yet, in the US we are “free”.

This is for Trayvon Martin and all the others like him, known and unknown, whose lives are sacrificed in large and small ways, at the altar of ignorance.

In the name of God; the Merciful; the Compassionate – بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be with you – السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته