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Interactive Vlogs – Video Logs


In the spirit of making this blog and website, as interesting, interactive, and utilitarian as is reasonable, given our staff of 1.5, we have now added a Video feature to our site.   These videos are from our various journeys over the years and are meant to add another layer to our journey of discovery.

The Video tab is located in the menu bar above or click the word video. All videos are categorized by country, where applicable.

I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to your comments.


Why Consider Living Outside the US?


One of the things that always perplexes people is why I travel so much.  The first thing people assume is that I was in the military (which 30 seconds after having met me, you would know could not be the case) and the second assumption is that I must be obligated to travel because of my “job”.   Neither one of these is the case.

I travel because I have a need, desire and passion to explore the world around me and to be reminded of its beauty.  And I travel to recharge my batteries and rekindle my hope in living a life beyond the daily grind and the routine rut that most of us fall into as adults.

So over the last 7 years, this rut has taken me and my family to:

  • China  (Beijing)
  • Sierra Leone
  • South Africa (Cape Town and Durban)
  • Senegal (Dakar)
  • England (London)
  • Nigeria (Kano)
  • Southern India (Pondicherry)

I am an unabashed adventure traveller, in that ‘taking the road less traveled’ is my preferred way to travel and live.  And each of these destinations have built upon each other – with new and unexpected discoveries and invariably the overwhelming warmth and generosity of the people we meet.

However, one of my central reasons for travelling is to discover a city I would want to live in with a community I and my children, would be active and happy in.  A place where the stresses of US life (financial, health, social, etc) melt away with a slower pace, lower cost of living, and friendly and embracing neighbors and friends.

We are not searching for a utopia, just a good place to lay our hats, unpack our suitcases and truly LIVE.