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Walking Out On Faith


I promised myself that after our side trip to Cuba I would come home and start packing. Well the packing has begun.  Yesterday I started paring our life down to just a handful of boxes (my goal is three) and a couple of ready suitcases.  Given how relatively nomadic my life has been, reducing our family’s belongings to those items that are historically most crucial (e.g., children’s art projects and awards), gets easier every time I do it…but I always have to ask myself, “Am I letting too much go, should I hold on to this piece and that piece?”

The reality for me is that we are more than the collection of items that sit on our shelves or gather dust in boxes that we only open when we are moving.  I am more than that collection of 1st love, love letters, that I have towed around with me for the last 20 years.  I am more than the sum of things that I thought were important once, but no longer.

So our spring cleaning has begun. Today I paid for my next two months of rent and gave my landlord my notice.  Hooray for small victories!

Always at moments like these, when I stand ready on the precipice of significant change, I visualize an image that gives me strength and conviction.  I imagine Jesus walking on water, a miracle born through his unfailing faith in God, and I imagine myself, unfailing in my belief that God will always protect and guide me, walking on a sea of change, buoyed by God’s grace. This gives me the strength to proceed without fear.

Can I get an AMEN!!