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Updated Thoughts on Otorongo Apartments– Cuenca


I realize that I am probably a more flexible traveler than most and once I leave a situation I generally forget about it and move on.  That said, I have an update on the Otorongo Apartments.

  • If you like to smoke, you will find it to be an outdoor smoker’s paradise complete with orchid garden and water elements.
  •  If you like being around 65+ year-old people who like to spend a disproportionate amount of time describing their ailments to you, as they puff on a cigarette,
  • If you like the chance of 2nd hand smoke wafting into your room because other resident that smokes  like a chimney lives next door (all rooms are non-smoking so people stand outside),
  • If you like these things or can get past these things…then Otorongo Apartments will suit you just fine.

We spent most of our time away from the hotel, so while I did note the above issues (as a non-smoker and asthmatic), I stayed around only long enough to get the information that I wanted/needed, then I would retreat to our room or leave the property (which ever was applicable).  I found the staff to very helpful…but that is because I could speak Spanish with them.  Only Javier, the manager/owner, speaks English fluently.

I still recommend the Otorongo Apartments  if staying in a hostel is not your thing and staying at a $55+ per night hotel is over budget. Just know that, in fairness, American (yes Canadians I am including you too) smokers want a place to feel comfortable and at home too, and the Otorongo Apartment Hotel is that place.

Hotel Apartamentos Otorongo – Cuenca, Ecuador


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Hotel Apartamentos Otorongo is a great place to stay

  • for families,
  • travelers who like living locally vs in a hotel
  • people considering a longer term stay in Cuenca
  • Wiser (that is older) travelers

We are staying in a 1 bedroom for a week at a cost of $290.  Now for those of you gasping in delight at the low rate….remember this is Ecuador. This is more than the majority of Cuencanos pay for monthly rent! (Rents and living will be discussed in a separate post).  It is also more expensive than some of the great hostels in town which are $7-$10 a night (per person).

That said, this is the perfect location and accommodation for us.  I really prefer to cook my own food when I travel so I wanted a kitchen, the landscaping makes me feel like I actually live here, and the other residents are interesting.  We are within walking distance of everything, we are on a bus line and taxis are always nearby.

The staff is friendly and helpful.  Javier Montezuma, the site manager, is a fluent English speaker and he and his staff are available to answer questions and make suggestions.  To make a reservation, you will need to call or email and pay by Western Union or Paypal.