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Interactive Vlogs – Video Logs


In the spirit of making this blog and website, as interesting, interactive, and utilitarian as is reasonable, given our staff of 1.5, we have now added a Video feature to our site.   These videos are from our various journeys over the years and are meant to add another layer to our journey of discovery.

The Video tab is located in the menu bar above or click the word video. All videos are categorized by country, where applicable.

I hope you enjoy them and I look forward to your comments.

Why Eduador?


Six weeks ago one of my sisters mentioned she and her partner were considering a second home in Ecuador and my first response was, “Why?”.  Two weeks ago another sister suggested that we take a family vacation to Central or South American and my response was, “I’m not interested”.  So why then is Ecuador suddenly on my must see list?

Well, ten days ago, my grand plan to move to a “relatively stable” West African country (Nigeria) came to a screeching halt, when that country started to manifest significant signs of instability; i.e, massive protests, elimination of fuel subsidies, the doubling and tripling of food and transportation costs and a sharp upswing in ethnic and religious violence. So my immediate plans dashed (at least in the short-term) and eager to seek a plan B, I decided to google “cheapest places to retire in the world”. Yes at the ripe young age of 37, I am ready to enjoy semi-retirement (for at least 4 months of the year).  I came across this article on MSN Money and #2 on the list was Cuenca, Ecuador.

Now, let me preface this by saying, I am all about seeking opportunities where you find them and frugal living. So when I saw Ecuador described as “super-affordable”, I though it deserved another look.  And here I am, 10 days later, about to leave for Cuenca, Ecuador in 5 days to explore its possibilities.  Based on the information I’ve found out here on the web, let me lay out why I am taking this step:

  1. You can rent a beautiful and large house or apartment for $250 [click here to check it out] (at the moment I have no interest in purchasing real estate so $250 is attractive to me)
  2. The weather is like Wisconsin in the spring…which is beautiful coming out of a 15-20 degree winter. But if you are from Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, etc. it may be a little chilly for you.
  3. I love  historical and particularly colonial architecture and Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the preservation of its colonial structures, of which there are many.
  4. Ecuador uses the US dollar as its currency, so no currency fluctuation concerns
  5. It reminds me of Europe without the Euro and less pretentious people…yeah.
  6. The roundtrip ticket for me and my daughter was less than $1,000 (single adult fare ticket to Chennai, India was $1,200) and 7 day hotel stay is $125 (not per night, but for the whole 7 days)

Of course the best answer to “Why Ecuador” is, “Why not!”