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Updated Thoughts on Otorongo Apartments– Cuenca


I realize that I am probably a more flexible traveler than most and once I leave a situation I generally forget about it and move on.  That said, I have an update on the Otorongo Apartments.

  • If you like to smoke, you will find it to be an outdoor smoker’s paradise complete with orchid garden and water elements.
  •  If you like being around 65+ year-old people who like to spend a disproportionate amount of time describing their ailments to you, as they puff on a cigarette,
  • If you like the chance of 2nd hand smoke wafting into your room because other resident that smokes  like a chimney lives next door (all rooms are non-smoking so people stand outside),
  • If you like these things or can get past these things…then Otorongo Apartments will suit you just fine.

We spent most of our time away from the hotel, so while I did note the above issues (as a non-smoker and asthmatic), I stayed around only long enough to get the information that I wanted/needed, then I would retreat to our room or leave the property (which ever was applicable).  I found the staff to very helpful…but that is because I could speak Spanish with them.  Only Javier, the manager/owner, speaks English fluently.

I still recommend the Otorongo Apartments  if staying in a hostel is not your thing and staying at a $55+ per night hotel is over budget. Just know that, in fairness, American (yes Canadians I am including you too) smokers want a place to feel comfortable and at home too, and the Otorongo Apartment Hotel is that place.